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April 09, 2016

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In the past week a significant player in Opera development announced the release of Vivaldi a new browser which leverages Node and React libraries to ‘make the web yours’. Sound Familiar? My thoughts on the matter are not aimed to devalue the hard work and countless hours that went into making this product, but rather make a silly jab at the spent cycles on problems already solved.

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Lets Make Browsers Great again!

Ignoring the obvious question of whether it will actually live up to what the Vivaldi team has promised, in terms of user experience, I am more concerned with whether this browser solves any actual problem facing the Web. The design goal behind their new browser is to allow the user to coin their own experience when browsing the web but once again I ask; but why?

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Reality Check

We currently live in a world where we can launch rockets capable of landing on a floating barge, we are investigating quantum computers, and affordable energy efficient self-driving cars are on the market yet some of our brightest minds toil away everyday creating convenience. Conscious consumerism is now associated with hippies and liberals, yet we stand on an ecological precipice where our actions in the next thirty years will have a direct impact on Humanities survival going forward. So how does this relate to Browsers and Tech? Simply put, I believe we, as a community of problem solvers, need to actively push ourselves to work on projects that will impact more than just someones wallet.

Tech is starting to permeate every parts of our lives, yet the problems most of us are solving are simpler than ever.

  • How will I avoid the line at Starbucks?
  • Whats an easier way to find a parking space?
  • How do I find a date?
We need Brain!

There are currently six major browsers, if you count both Edge & IE separately, all with their own quirks so I return to my original thought of why? Why did we build something we already have.. again?

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April 09, 2016


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